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    Scientist, artist, podcaster and film lover.

    Hello there! I'm Arturo. I used to be a particle physicist and then turned into a modeler of biological complexity at University College London’s brilliant CoMPLEX program. Finally I decided to focus on modeling aneuploidy in cancer for my PhD. I'm currently at Moffitt Cancer Center. Together with David Basanta and the Lynch Lab, we are tackling prostate to bone metastasis at the interphase between mathematics, biology and the clinic. We deal with complex systems and emergent behaviors because we find they have the potential to investigate counter intuitive ideas and results.


    I have artistic tendencies, which is a nice way of saying my logic is somewhat fuzzy. I also strive to find the fun side of things, as it helps maintain my balance while doing research into such a serious disease. I look forward to meeting and collaborating with all of you, as I think we all have important things to contribute to the advancement of science, but that working together, we can really make a difference in the world.

  • Cancer Research

    Modeling Therapies for Prostate to Bone Metastasis

    Bone metastasis is common in prostate cancer progression. In bone, prostate cancer cells derive factors necessary for progression by manipulating bone forming osteoblasts and bone resorbing osteoclasts, resulting in areas of excessive osteogenesis and osteolysis, respectively. Transforming growth factor beta (TGFBeta) is a key factor in the progression of bone metastases. Therapeutic inhibition of TGFBeta however, presents a dilemma since it can have differential effects on various cell types in the tumor-bone microenvironment. In our current study, we have utilized an integrated approach using mathematical and in vivo models to test the impact of TGFBeta inhibition on prostate to bone metastases as a possible therapy. For this, we developed an agent-based mathematical model where the interactions between key cell types and their role on the evolutionary dynamics of the tumor can be studied. Our work has just been published in the journal Cancer Research. You can check out our results at:



  • Podcast

    Two Scientists

    There is a place where you can drink your sorrows away with science! Whilst maybe even learning a thing or two...


    Curious about the cosmos? Intrigued by evolution? Or simply wondering why that beer tastes as good as it does? Your questions have answers, and we aim to bring you the brilliant minds who have found them. We interview scientists once a month, usually at the New World Brewery in Ybor City (Tampa FL, USA). Check us out at:



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    Really interested? Well...


    I have travelled, I’ve had no complaints from bosses and friends and I have a PhD from one of the best universities in the world.


    I have the ability to think abstractly. This is my main feature :P. It is easy for me to see the gray areas and the blurred lines. I’m also a planer and enjoy structure and order with a dash of spontaneity. I’m an introverted thinker but an extroverted feeler. this means I need plenty of time to ponder a question and organize my thoughts into words.


    I sometimes struggle with social norms and, because I find it difficult to put my thoughts into words, I’m uncomfortable being in situations where I have to interact in a spontaneous manner (such as meeting someone new), but I always try my best hoping it’ll be enough.



    I spend most of my time thinking through deep and complex stuff. I love to talk about culture, life stories and sincere issues. I strive to see the other persons point-of-view on any situation.


    I am very private and enjoy only opening up to my closest friends. I’ve been told that I take ”how are you” too literal, but when I answer and when I ask this, I mean it.


    I have rarely been at complete peace with myself, but I have often feel happiest and most fulfilled when making models to help others understand their problems, be it scientific, artistic, social or personal.


    My passions are coffee, red wine and watching films. Lots of films. I also build lightsabers.